Foňafý hofno for MICH!

1. october 2010 at 23:54 | Smrťofil |  Záchod pro myšlenky
oddelovac diary
He makes me ha ha ha ha ha happy! ´Cause i am the one who is loved by someone unique! By my bird. :D I know, you don´t get it... Why is P. the bird? (no, i don´t mean the bird like a dick you bitches!!!:P) He´s the bird ´cause of his sign... He´s my special, unique, awesome, loved rooster! Why not...

And i am a fucking big pig and i don´t care about my sins, i just wanna get drunk with him and party with him, that´s what i am livin´ for. P., party, drinking and metal. Can you fix it?

Oh yeaaah, of course... I forgot to wrote down here my friends. What can i be without them? What can i do without them? What can the world means without them? Absolutely nothing... Loving them all, that´s what i got by my god. I say remember that! Lovin´ is what we got.

I want to be in Zombie Walk in Prague next year. I really do. I know, there is a lot of "psychotic" ppl, but a lot of a normally ppl too! Don´t care what my parents will say... I´ll be here! Muhehe! BRAAAAAAAAINS!!!

Ainur and Maiar are really fantastic creatures. I wish there were the Music of Ainur... I wish this world were the Middle Earth! Shit... I am dying! I really want imposible things! :D

I need somebody, someone, to help me out of this room!

P.S.: Remember, A´Tuin knows place called Kyselá Prdel!

Shadow hides you

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1 mich-ie mich-ie | Web | 2. october 2010 at 0:02 | React

dobrý ... vážně doufám, že jsem to pochopila :D
a dostává mě, jak si nepřeložila Kyselou Prdel :D:D
hej, já tě z toho pokoje dostanu, a dostanu tě na tu akci :D i kdybych měla umřít s tebou :D
všichni chceme nemožný :P

2 mich-ie mich-ie | Web | 2. october 2010 at 10:09 | React

a víš čim to je? že melu uplný hovna a uplně z cesty :D

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