The DOORS can see into your soul!

6. november 2010 at 22:54 | Smrťofil |  Záchod pro myšlenky
oddelovac diary

Trust me, it´s good. I fell in love again with the same one. And this is a proof for you, that one you hate can be loved by you, too. Why not? I love him more and more, i know it´s little impossible to be with him, but i believe that i´ll find my way close to him, and that he´ll do the same.
No, he´s not gonna do it, so do I, but why i shoudn´t have some naive hope? This is love, guys, where you think everything is possible.
Please, be considerate to me, when i behave like a child. Children are happy, so am I, ´cause of him. Loving people behave childishly, because that´s what love do with you. It returns you back to the pass and makes you feel happy like a little child, even you do not have to feel it this way. I´m sure i´m right.

And i need a new layout... This one, which i have now, is not boring yet. No, i still like it. But i have no feelings like when i was making this design. That´s why i must change it.

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1 absolutně šťastná, anarchistická mich-ie :P absolutně šťastná, anarchistická mich-ie :P | Web | 9. november 2010 at 20:36 | React

THE DOOORS ... THE DOOORS ... really the doors can do all that? NOOOO :D:D god, is really stupid video, but is so funny :D
snaaaaake a snaaaaake ... :D mushroom. yeah, a felt like if i had a mushroom :D
anyway. do you see, taht you say the same thing about love, but not about boys? but i am still glad, that you are happy, couse i am happy and we are happy and maybe i am in love too :D but he don´t. no, i am not in love, like real love, but i like him. but don´t know him. that is a problem. i think about the kiss all of the time, and i smile, when i saw his smile in a photo. and i wont to know him. and god, shut up Mich :D
you realy make me happy, when i read your comment. couse it means to me too much, he, freedom, anarchy and piece. we will be forever together :)

P.S.: (hej, teď jsem chvíli přemejšlela,jak se z angličtiny přepne do češtiny :D) nehraj si na učitele a dělej, že jsi všemu rozuměla :D sry za překlepy a pokud je tam někde ane, je to end :D

2 absolutně šťastná, anarchistická mich-ie :P absolutně šťastná, anarchistická mich-ie :P | Web | 9. november 2010 at 21:44 | React

hey, shut up. it is not funny, becouse today, when a was listening to music (you know, the volume was ↑) and my dog was "knock" to the doors. i was really scare, but if i realised, that it was just a dog, i had smile on my face :D
i usually think about the fackt, that you discovered my first blog and I thank satan, that it hapenned. it was one of best thing in my life. you are one of best thing in my life bejb. i remebmer that we was twin from the first time.
we have too much memories. a good memories. and i wont to see you. a really hope that we´ll be together on  december. i have too much thing that i have to tell you aned i wont to see your smile, go to shopping and maybe have a beer and have a wonderful time. i am really looking forward to it :)

3 absolutně šťastná, anarchistická mich-ie :P absolutně šťastná, anarchistická mich-ie :P | Web | 13. november 2010 at 14:55 | React

hell yeah .. they are still great :)
a nesmíš ten citát brát do slova .. navíc to neni můj citát. :D ale předpokládám, že ty básničky byly v tomdle duchu všechny. a i přes to to nazval Radosti života ... a já chápu proč, víš co :D
a když se nad tim zamyslíš, tak ano, svym způsobem jsou všichni mí známí hrubí :)

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